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Reservation Policy

South Lake Tahoe has recently voted to support measure T, which has restricted many home owners from renting their homes. We welcome everyone as GUESTS of our home and strictly request all guests are in sync with City regulations and requirements. City regulations will be enforced and must be adhered too by all guests to ensure your future stay and to keep our home available for visitors.

By staying in our home you acknowledge that you are a "house guest" and agree to abide by the following:

  • 2 car maximum per stay

  • Cars must be parked in the driveway

  • No more than 8 people

  • Quiet hours are 10PM-8AM daily

  • All food and trash must be placed in the bear box. (please do not leave key in the lock, bears are smart)

  • Absolutely NO FIRES : (

Image by Mick Haupt
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